Factsheets & Handouts

Here are some educational factsheets and handouts that are available for printing and distribution.

Books on Pollinators

Most gardening books typically do not focus on how to select pollinator plants or identify which plants draw the greatest number of bee, wasp, and butterfly species.  


Books that are primarily about plants that are well-loved by pollinators, or on the needs of different bee species can advance your gardening skills so that you can make all your gardens sanctuaries for pollinators!  Recommend other books.

On January 15, 2019, we held a public Symposium on Sustainable Land Care at Smith College, targeting an audience of municipalities and institutions.


We are eager to share event handouts and videos of the excellent presentations.  Here is a link to the Symposium agenda, and a list of speaker biographies.

Inspiring Organizations

There are an impressive number of local, state, and national organizations supporting pollinator issues. Why? Because we need pollination in order for our ecosystem to be able to function at all, and oh yes - we all like to eat too!  

We are fortunate to have so many supportive organizations and to have access to the information and tools they offer.  We hope you will investigate their sites!

Pollinator Videos

Videos about pollinators, their habitat, and bee-safe gardening are a resource we shouldn't overlook!  


We invite you to view the playlists on our YouTube channel for an assortment of videos to advance your knowledge and amazement for those special little friends.


Suggest educational videos you like.

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