Professional Services 
Pollinator Habitat & Sustainable Land Care Strategies


We specialize in designing landscapes and planning corridors that build biodiversity and strengthen ecological resilience to a changing climate at the ecosystems level.  We work with conservation organizations, town & regional governments, farms, private landowners, academic institutions and solar companies.


Services:  Pollinator Habitat Design; Land Use Planning; Ecosystem Studies

Aerial Surveys; Solar Pollinator Guidelines and Maintenance Plans

Participatory Education; Team Building; Citizen Science


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Devan Arnold, Sassafras Land Care LLC

(413)-717-1251 / 

Devan is an experienced landscape designer with 15 years with experience in the horticultural field. Ecological landscape services include: design, installation and maintenance, utilizing predominately native perennial plant species and ecologically responsible practices to help create and nurture vibrant, diverse and ecologically beneficial plantings.  Devon worked with the Great Barrington Ag. Commission as an advisor to the town’s Pollinator Action Plan. 

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Heather Cupo, Plant Euphoria

413-684-1939 /

Heather's landscape designs and creations have incorporated sound pollinator support principles for decades and are influenced by each site and each client’s specific needs and desires. Heather's 20-year old business features: Extensive use of indigenous species; Fruit Tree and shrub pruning and rejuvenation; Wattle fencing; Garden Maintenance and soil enhancement; and Organic methods and appropriate technologies.


Heather's formal education includes a BS in Landscape Architecture, with emphasis on horticulture and native plant communities.  More Information.

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Adam Kohl, Kohl Gardens / Native Plant Horticulture & Design

With a background in horticulture, botany, and fine-gardening, Adam creates ‘living landscapes’ of dense native plantings to support wildlife and improve aesthetic interest. He assists landowners in discovering what is already present through identifying plants, soil-types, and vegetative communities. Adam also has a native plant nursery in Wendell and can provide training on small-scale growing of native plants from seed.  And as an experienced artist and performer, Adam brings balance and playfulness to his design work.  

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David Falk, Wild City Gardens

Ecological Gardening and Art

David is a horticulturist at Garden in the Woods and has a garden design business based in Somerville, MA, where he recently installed a pollinator garden for the city. Services include: Organic Gardening Services and Coaching specializing in Native Plant Design, Maintenance, Long-term planning, Lawn repair, and Hardscaping. 

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The Conway School of Landscape Design

The Conway School is a one-year graduate program in ecological landscape design and planning. Students graduate with a Master of Science in Ecological Design and a portfolio of real projects for real clients. During their year at Conway, students work on both site design projects (residential, commercial, public) and planning projects (green infrastructure, climate resiliency, food systems, pollinator, open space, etc.) in New England and beyond. The mission of the Conway School is to explore, develop, practice, and teach design of the land that is ecologically and socially sustainable. The school is located in Northampton, Massachusetts. To learn more about the Conway School, please visit us online, email or phone us at (413) 369-4044. 

More information about the Conway School.

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Bridghe McCracken, Helia Land Design / 413-528-1400

Helia Land Design is a full service land care firm. We design and implement projects that range from the intimate to the bold. Our diverse skills are complimented by our ability to interface with conservation commissions, architects and engineers.

Our design process starts with the soil, the wind, the sun and the greater geographical context. These biological features are woven with the client’s needs and aesthetic choices. We create landscapes that are personal, ecologically intact and that speak to the surroundings, history and the culture of the region.

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Tom Sullivan, Pollinators Welcome / 413-863-4480

Tom's passion is to increase the capacity of landscapes to support 3-season nesting and foraging for native pollinators, and to connect habitat by creating "pollinator corridors". Services include pollinator habitat design, consultation, installation and restoration; assessing properties for habitat potential; creating meadows; and selecting native pollinator plants that support species diversity. Tom is well-known as a workshop leader and public speaker, and for engaging local volunteers in habitat installations. 

More information about Tom, his background, and services.


Owen Wormser, Abound Design / 413-374-3438

Since receiving his BS in Landscape Architecture in 1998, Owen has been designing and building landscapes with a focus on sustainability and low-maintenance design. Owen’s company, Abound Design, provides design, consulting and installation services. His work is rooted in perspective and expertise drawn from landscape architecture, horticulture, permaculture, organic agriculture, and ecology. In 2016, Owen helped found Local Harmony, a non-profit focused on stewarding the landscape.  Through Local Harmony, Owen has worked with local collaborators and numbers volunteers to build both public and private pollinator plantings.

More information about Owen and his services.


Physarum • Caleb P. Nusbaum  /  (734) 395-6325

Caleb P. Nusbaum is a recent graduate of the Conway School of Landscape Design. He is based in Northampton and focuses on small, residential sites in the Pioneer Valley region. With an undergraduate background in ecology, he recognizes the importance of native pollinators and brings this ethos to his designs. Caleb believes that sustainable landscapes are for everyone, so he offers services on a sliding scale and for barter.