Our work emerged out of a concern for pollinators.

Western Mass Pollinator Networks (WMPN) began accidentally in May of 2016 on a vacation to Asheville, NC with my neighbor Gale.  At the Visitor Center we spotted a beautiful flower garden labeled prominently with an educational sign:

“Pollinator Friendly Habitat”  


After discovering similar signs throughout the city’s parks and gardens, a flow of ideas for raising awareness and supporting native pollinators back home arose spontaneously.


Today, due to hours of collaboration and hard work, our all-volunteer, non-profit project is building a meaningful and vibrant movement yard by yard, community by community to implement an interconnected web of healthy pollinator habitats.  


You can call upon Western Mass Pollinator Networks for the resources you need to learn pollinator best practices for yard and garden, roadside and riverbank, and under solar panels.  Every new participant gives a welcome boost to the survival of more species of bees, butterflies, and all pollinator friends.

Peggy MacLeod, Florence, MA

(Co-Founder Amy Pulley, Cummington, MA)