The Northampton Pollinator Pathway will soon be winding its way through the City's neighborhoods. The pilot will use flower, shrub, and tree 

species that are preferred by at-risk

pollinators from the area, assembled

into five planting designs created

by Landscape Interactions.

Please Support the campaign to extend pollinator habitat and protection across Massachusetts.

Your donations and sponsorships will help

raise $20,000 to hire a 

Network Coordinator to do

the vital work of providing

central resources and

facilitating collaborative projects.

We can create pathways to help pollinators be more resilient to pollution, development, and climate change.  These pathways also:

  • improve habitat connectivity 

  • attract a greater diversity of
    species, and

  • help pollinators forage
    more easily


If you have created pollinator habitat,

join the movement to create 1,001 gardens 

in Western Mass that support pollinators. 


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