JOIN our exciting movement to restore, create, and expand 1,001 plantings in Western Mass that support pollinators.  List your garden location on our online map!

We are promoting
urban and rural
"pollinator pathways" to

  • improve habitat

  • attract a greater
    diversity of species

  • enable pollinators to
    forage more easily

  • and strengthen
    pollinators so that they are more resilient to pollution, development, and climate change.   

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Signage is important for marking intentional food-nectar-habitat landscapes or labeling public pollinator plantings that have a more "natural" look. 


Our 8x10 metal "Wild for Pollinator" signs have two designs.  


Suggested sliding scale cost: $14-$22 plus mailing. To order, contact Peggy MacLeod.  

Artwork by Nan Childs.

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